About us

Luxury tent

Room8 is an oasis of luxury and style. Its beautiful location in a sprawling English-style castle park sets the stage for an idyllic getaway. The park’s residents – specifically the friendly hostess of Room8 – have crafted a unique experience for their guests. Journalist and lawyer Katia della Faille was discovered by the famous New York modelling agency Ford Models when she was just twenty years old. This marked the start of a successful career as an international model. Katia eventually followed her husband, Count Thierry de Limburg Stirum, to Huldenberg. The Limburg-Stirums are one of the oldest noble families in Europe. Thierry's grandmother, who lived in the castle, was Princess of Croy, and his mother is a French princess.

Thierry previously worked as a highly successful lawyer in the real estate sector. He is now an organic farmer and maintains the grounds around the park. A real gentleman farmer, as it were.

After moving to the grape region, Katia fell in love with the beautiful area and the lovely village. She began to dabble in local politics, ultimately serving as an alderwoman and then as an elected representative before resuming her position of alderwoman and municipal councillor. Katia has been in a member of the city council for more than 25 years. She is a strong proponent of healthy food, exercise and a balanced lifestyle in the fight against ‘diseases of affluence’. She is also a licensed mindfulness coach.

With Room8, she has tapped into a new source as a logical follow-up to the couple’s successful  Park 7

This project reflects the philosophy pursued by both Katia and Thierry.

Hospitality, joie de vivre and the power of now are united in stunning simplicity in Room8 and Park 7